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  • £ 22.17 -15% £ 26.17 In stock

    Hygienic, clean, comfortable, and soooo convenient. Reusable: economical and eco-responsible. Proven as reliable protection - no leaks. 100% medical silicone – BPA free Free cotton carrying bag & Diva lapel pin included!

    £ 22.17 -15% £ 26.17
    Reduced price!
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  • £ 21.01 In stock

    We sale spare parts for the ExtraJus in case it is needed and also we have a coarse strainer for Smoothies which is not included in the Extrajus.

    £ 21.01
    In stock
  • £ 33.68 -22% £ 43.68 In stock

    No more cellulite or orange peel effect. This high quality massager will beat the cellulite once and for all. Thanks to its warm massaging effect is also good to relieve muscle stress

    £ 33.68 -22% £ 43.68
    Reduced price!
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  • £ 17.42 In stock

    The easiest and quickest way to grow sprouts at home! The package comes with one glass jar suitable for any type of seeds, stainless still rack, and a high quality brown ceramic drip tray.

    £ 17.42
    In stock
  • £ 34.14 In stock

    Shantimat Flower of Life pillow is the perfect complement to Shantimat can be used under the head or to kneel down on it. The pillow will optimize the acupressure mat benefits.

    £ 34.14
    In stock
  • £ 12.42 -28% £ 17.42 In stock

    Economical and ecological, the Biowashball is composed uniquely of natural ceramics contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere. It was created scientifically to clean clothes without using any detergent. Compared to a normal washing process, Biowashball reduces risks of allergic reactions linked to the use of detergent, eliminates germes, contributes to your...

    £ 12.42 -28% £ 17.42
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • £ 5.16 In stock

    A bright spot on any wall - Flower of life stickers The flower of life produces an absolutely harmonious, oscillating field Capable to dissolve blockades and give you new energy of life Make the universe work for you. Maths and geometry on your side Pack of 1 large sticker 7.5 cm diameter + 4 Stickers 3 cm diameter

    £ 5.16
    In stock
  • £ 4.29 In stock

    Enjoy your wine longer with our brilliant wine preserver..No need to pump. the air vacuum pump is integrated into the plug!

    £ 4.29
    In stock
  • £ 24.93 -28% £ 34.93 Out of stock

    These glass bottles with vacuum pump and silicone sleeve help keep fresh homemade juice and smoothies longer This exclusive product we have created to prolong the preservation of liquid drinks and avoid any rapid oxidation By vacuuming the air out of your fresh drinks inside this glass bottle, you can travel with your glass bottle knowing the contents...

    £ 24.93 -28% £ 34.93
    Reduced price!
    Out of stock
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  • £ 255.51 -16% £ 305.51 In stock

    This juice Extractor ‘ExtraJus’ is BPA free with a slow juicing method.  The Extrajus rotates at 40 revolutions per minute.  This allows the extraction process to preserve 100% of all nutrients contained within your fruit and veg (including wheat grass, roots and oilseeds).  Enrich your body with essential vitamins and nutrients.    Sold with European 2...

    £ 255.51 -16% £ 305.51
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • £ 21.80 In stock

    The composition of the Orgonites is based in quartz and semi-precious stones, resins and metal particles. The Orgonites are used against electromagnetic pollution, as it is also used to increase the vibratory levels of a place or a person.

    £ 21.80
    In stock
  • £ 0.00 In stock

    Glass chopping board with "Flower of Life"Clean and healthyFlower of Life energizes the food; bringing the universal energy to your dishes.Elegant, practical and resistant!Avaliable in 2 models (round or rectangular) You can also choose the colour: white or burgundy.

    £ 0.00
    In stock
  • £ 15.67 In stock

    The "Flower of Life" is considered as one of the strongest nature symbols at all and was used by many world cultures for vitalizing and stabilizing of foods.

    £ 15.67
    In stock
  • £ 5.08 In stock

    Sprouts provide you with exceptional energy and nutrient intake. Germinating seed phase maximally develop their growth potential. This process multiplies up to 1000 times the amount of vitamins contained in the seed.

    £ 5.08
    In stock
  • £ 11.82 Product available with different options

    Garlic is known for its virtues and properties for natural healthy food.  For all of you garlic lovers out there this new Black Garlic adds a whole new level to its taste and texture.  Our fermented black garlic is produced from organic agriculture left to ferment in a humidity controlled room.  Giving the garlic a sweet flavor without adding sugar with...

    £ 11.82
    Product available with different options
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  • £ 21.89 In stock

    Deucalion massage roller is made of pure volcanic sulphur.This is the fruit of intensive and research between a French engineer and a German doctor to optimize the sulphur healthy properties.They have designed a compact roller capable of curative massages.

    £ 21.89
    In stock
  • £ 8.67 In stock

    Elegant Mythos Glass - the variant Cup Glass with Flower of Life base symbol.  Increses Energy ,Vitality and Well BeingThe Flower of Life symbol is found in the majority of the worlds religions.  This glass is sturdy and will bring out the best in the smoothness and taste of your water.  Flower of Life available in 3 colors!

    £ 8.67
    In stock
  • £ 14.79 3 to 5 days

    BodyCup is a suction cup, made of hypoallergenic medical silicone to perform "vacuum cupping massages" at home. You will apply them on the part of your body prone to cellulite: hips, buttocks, thighs ... It is adviced to use oil or any other light lubricant on the area to be massaged in order to reduce friction. Phthalate free. Promo: 2 Suction cups...

    £ 14.79
    3 to 5 days
  • £ 2.19 Product available with different options

    The taste of White Tea is light and sweet with an unmistakable fruity aroma. The different elaborately bound flowers and flavours (vanilla, jasmine, peach, lemon), depending on type of Abloom-Tealini, add a further individual taste.

    £ 2.19
    Product available with different options
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  • £ 14.79 Product available with different options

    40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask is molded foam that is contoured for pressure-free eye comfort, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. It won't smudge makeup and the adjustable straps allow this mask to fit all sizes.Available in 5 different colours

    £ 14.79
    Product available with different options
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