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    PhysioTab toilet stool. Medical research has proven than squatting is the ideal body position to naturally resolve constipation, hemorrhoids and straining, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and pelvic floor and bladder issues Unique size. Easy to store under the toilet or the sink.

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    The magnetic mouse pad helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain associated with frequent use of mouse.   A better position for your wrist; keeping it straight while enjoying the benefits of the therapeutic magnets.

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    No More Heavy Legs or Swollen Anckles!This leg cushion provides the ideal position for relaxation and helps improve bloodflow and reduce swelling.

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    While using a computer, the smallest of movements can cause musculoskeletal problems. The magnetic wrist support pad is the perfect solution   Made from soft gel for the ultimate wrist rest support. The continuous magnetic field provided by the neodymium magnets protects us against electromagnetic waves caused by WIFI   With smooth black Lycra cover...

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  • £ 61.19 In stock

    No More Neck Pains with this Thermo-Sensitive Memory Foam Pillow!This pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains your neck and spine in their ideal position therfore relieving tension and pain.

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    Kneeling chairs allow you to vary your seated posture throughout the day, reducing pressure on the lower back while working your core, which is normally dormant whilst sitting in a standard office chair.. These unique chairs reassure correct posture and help with blood circulation, tiredness, and musculoskeletal discomfort and pain.

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  • £ 52.44 In stock

    An unique back support to ensure a perfect posture and a pain-free back. The BackJoy Back Posture Support is a portable orthotic device which relieves back pain Specially designed after years on research, BackJoy: Improves your back posture. Relieves back pression. Leger and easy to carry. Easy to clean.

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  • £ 21.80 In stock

    True vertebral adjuster, this square airbag increases movements coordination, and help to strengthening and toning muscle.Great for balance exercises, it improves posture while sitting and it also may be used as a balance plate.Simple and funny way to strengthen muscles, improve body control, agility and stability.

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    £ 79.93 -33% £ 119.93
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    This memory foam orthopedic cushion has an ergonomic design.  This cushion reduces pressure on the spine as well as on your coccyx and will alleviate back pain. 2 models available: normal / additional gel padding providing additional elasticity.

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    Everyday we spend ours in front of computers and laptops; and we should not be surprised for wrist pain or tendon soreness. By using our mouse pad with integrated wirst support; the wrist will maintain a natural and ergonomic position that will help you to reduce wrist postural stress. Flower of Life design to attract and balance universal energy...

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  • £ 38.43 In Stock

    Opt for top notch comfort with the Biotex back support pillow.  The ideal pillow for lumbar support whilst seated, the sensitive form effectively supports your spinal arch and relieves the lower back. Immediate relaxing effect Adjustable support elastic 100% polyester velvet zip cover Comes in a bag with carrying handle Dimensions: 37 x 33 cm

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  • £ 38.43 In stock

    The Ideal travel cushion accompany you whilst travelling.   Keep your seat comfortable during those long journeys!   Suitible for all means of transport.

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