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    Active combination of probiotics, prebiotics and fiber that facilitates intestinal transit, regenerates intestinal flora and helps to boost defenses.Maxi-Flore specific formulation consists of 4 living bacilli, that cleanses and help to regenerate the intestinal flora balance.

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    Oil extracted from organic ginger rhizomethe ginger rhizome oil has been used in China and India for over 2000 years as natural solution for digestive disorders.It is also a great stimulant and advisable to fight fatigue.

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    One of the most complete essential oils with many properties: Anesthetic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, antispasmodic and carminative. Peppermint essential oil is almost an ecologic first-aid kit!

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    Coriander plant essential oïl is particularly appreciated for its soothing and sédative effects. It also can be used as anti-inflammatory. All our products are organic certified.

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    Lemon zest essential oil is one of the most complete essential oils.Antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, tonic, purifying ... a whole bunch of benefits.  

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    Origanum vulgare organic essential oil is a powerful anti-infection agent with a broad spectrum of benefits. Good tonic, Oregano vulgare is very effective in fighting against all infections and fatigue. This essential oil can be used for all infectious problems of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, digestive tract and skin tissues.

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    Perfect slimming partner, Zero calories, effective appetite suppressant!!!   The main active ingredient in konjac food is glucomannan, a natural effective appetite suppressant with many health properties (Detox, low cholesterol, prevention of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases or treat diabetes).   Size: 200 capsules

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    Organic blond psyllium husk powder is one of the nature's best sources of soluble fibreImproves digestion and weight lossCleanses & Dextoses The Body; Supports healthy cholesterol controlEases Constipation and Diarrhea; Helpful for stomach and intestinal ulcersLimits calorie intake from food; suitable for vegetarians and vegan

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    Diet occupies an important place during sickness and healthy condition. Our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself if provided proper nutrition, environment and exercise. Wheatgrass is renowned for its therapeutic value and generally taken as fresh juice or shots. It is represented in Naturopathy, the ancient art of healing, also referred to as...

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    The Japanese weight loss secret!!! Extracted from small red seaweed, Agar-agar is a natural gelling plant with extraordinary properties. Agar-agar, indispensable ingredient for slim fast and lean cuisine.

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    Tropical basil is highly recommended to treat digestive spasms with nervous causes.Good source of vitality and tonic, is also advisable to combat stress and nervous fatigue. 100 organic tropical basil 

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    PhysioTab toilet stool. Medical research has proven than squatting is the ideal body position to naturally resolve constipation, hemorrhoids and straining, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and pelvic floor and bladder issues Unique size. Easy to store under the toilet or the sink.

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    Used for more than 3000 years, charcoal eases digestions and boosts bowel balance.We are talking about an excellent cleanser, it helps to eliminate toxins and waste.Charcoal is a natural solution to digestive and intestinal discomfort, and brings you back to path for welbeing

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    Desmodium, traditionally used in hepatic congestion, is par excellence liver plant   Proven as hepatic strainer; Desmodium eases the liver proper functioning.   Its active components help to protect our body from overeating and chemicals products.   Size: 200 capsules.

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