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    Made in France, certified organic, this rich manuka honey is ultra efficient to repair and rehydrate severely parched, cracked hands or assaulted by weather and / or daily manual work.Its non-greasy texture absorbs quickly, does not stick and brings a feeling of immediate comfort.

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    100% ocean minerals. Boost your energy, your immune system and help to fight illness Rebalance and nourish your cellular health! Fight fatigue and revitalise your body. Drinkable wellbeing

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    The organic essential oil of Black Spruce helps fight against tiredness. It helps to reduce the feeling of exhaustion. It is also called the essential oil of the form, because it is tonic and revitalizing. Black Spruce is also great for improving concentration.   Black Spruce is one of the most widespread evergreens in the Canadian forest.

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    Palmarosa organic essential oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and an interesting fungicide, for example in the case of fungal infections. It is also widely used in cosmetics for its cell regeneration properties and its benefits for the skin and hair. Its fragrance, reminiscent of both rose and lemon, is very pleasant when diffused and relieves respiratory...

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    Organic lavender essential oils are used worldwide!Due to its high level of tolerance, it is recommended as a sedative, muscle relaxant, healing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic ...

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    Manuka honey has many exceptional health properties! Manuka honey has a eucalyptus taste and a creamy texture that give this honey a different flavour to traditional ones. We offer organic Manuka honey with the highest quality. Size: 500gr

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    If you have not yet heard about Colloidal silver then you will soon enough if you are on the prowl for alternative therapies to various common health issues such as colds and sinus infections. Colloidal silver has a direct effect on cellular respiration and benefits the body in numerous ways.  Read on..

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    The prestigious distillery St. Hilaire famous for elaborating the finest fragrances, has created this organic oil with slimming properties. They have combined the benefits of essential oils, virgin and macerated oils to achieve this amazing fat-burning oil.This organic oil amplifies the action of massage, relaxes and provides a sense of wellbeing

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