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    Faced with the increase of electromagnetic wave emissions, hypersensitive people can now purchase a range of protective clothing that allow them to continue living without the negative effects. Thanks to this anti-wave beanie hat you can block 99% of high frequency waves, protecting your brain.

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    Protect yourself from WIFI waves, without depriving yourself of connection. Thanks to this protective cover you can stay protected and never lose your WiFi connection. Faced with the increasing number of electromagnetic waves, hypersensitive people can now find several protective products which allow them to continue to living their daily lives without...

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  • £ 26.64 -13% £ 30.64 In stock

    Protect yourself against harmful electromagnetic radiation that emit from computers and laptops. Presented in the form of a small sticker, it will neutralize electromagnetic radiation, keeping your surroundings free from harmful electromagnetic waves.

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