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    Fill the QAITO with pellets then ignite the pellets. In less than 5 minutes, you will get a generous fire which will burn for approx. 1 hour (*) and will warm stay warm even longer thanks to the heat accumulated by the cast iron burner.  If you wish to start a new fire simply add some more pellets into your QAITO to 4/5 of its surface: the remaining...

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    2-in-1 solution to preserve heat in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer.  Save up to 46% on heating costs* in winter and in the summer, reduce temperatures by up to 7°C*. Block out* up to 100% of light. Made in Europe, Dimensions: 145 X 260 cm. Sold individually (1 curtain per item)

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    3 minutes of charging. 3 hours of heat. Warmer provided with heating accumulator, pilot lamp and soft bag. Keep Warm Anytime Anywhere! Just plug it in for 3 minutes to get about 3 hours of heat.  Also good to relieve pain (kidneys, shoulders, knees, etc). The thermostat stops the charging when reaching the ideal temperature.  It comes with a protective...

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    Eco Winter Thermal Lining by Moondream is an innovative, eco-friendly solution to reducing heating costs during the winter months. This thermal Linning enables you to transform ordinary curtains into protective shields against the cold that will save you up to 46% on heating costs.  Adjustable to your curtain by a self-gripping strip. Dry Clean Made...

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    Economical and ecological, the Biowashball is composed uniquely of natural ceramics contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere. It was created scientifically to clean clothes without using any detergent. Compared to a normal washing process, Biowashball reduces risks of allergic reactions linked to the use of detergent, eliminates germes, contributes to your...

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