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    This juice Extractor ‘ExtraJus’ is BPA free with a slow juicing method.  The Extrajus rotates at 40 revolutions per minute.  This allows the extraction process to preserve 100% of all nutrients contained within your fruit and veg (including wheat grass, roots and oilseeds).  Enrich your body with essential vitamins and nutrients.    Sold with European 2...

    £ 255.51 -16% £ 305.51
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    We sale spare parts for the ExtraJus in case it is needed and also we have a coarse strainer for Smoothies which is not included in the Extrajus.

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  • £ 305.51 In Stock

    This revolutionary juice extractor BPA-Free offers several advantages including: - Compact and elegant design with brushed aluminum finish - Silent (less than 50 dB) - Huge steel juice extracting screw - Highly secure double opening, - No hassle and easy to fit sieve   Sold with European 2 pin plug (Works 100% with a UK adapter)

    £ 305.51
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  • £ 358.04 Out of stock

    The Solostar 4 Juicer from the well-loved manufacturer Tribest is a Horizontal Single Auger Juicer that can battle with some of the best juicers in the world.  Perfect for juice lovers and those who like to juice greens.  The Solostar 4 rotates 57 times per minute making it one of our slowest juicers. Sold with European 2 pin plug (Works 100% with a UK...

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  • £ 349.28 In stock

    Power, durability, ease of use and long-term value mean that the Champion is appropriately named. An American made masticating juicer that is a favourite with the team at UK Juicers.  If you want the most reliable domestic juicer available - The Champion is for you.

    £ 349.28
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  • £ 32.16 -33% £ 48.06 In stock

    Manual wheatgrass and Leafy Green juicer. Start enjoying the benefits of wheatgrass juice now! Small, Light and compact. Easy to use and clean! BPA free

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    These glass bottles with vacuum pump and silicone sleeve help keep fresh homemade juice and smoothies longer This exclusive product we have created to prolong the preservation of liquid drinks and avoid any rapid oxidation By vacuuming the air out of your fresh drinks inside this glass bottle, you can travel with your glass bottle knowing the contents...

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