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    D-Stress is an unique combination of natural active ingredients that helps the body to overcome stress, anxiety or fatigue.D-Stress contains magnesium, taurine, arginine and B vitaminsD-stress uses only organic products for fast and healthy effects.

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    Bio Music 6 in 1 is an audio-active program of 62 tracks, comprised of 6 complementary CDs. It helps maintain a higher state of consciousness, resulting in many benefits for the body, spirit and environment.

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    The Shantimat is an acupressure mat which you can lie upon and gain the same advantages as you would using traditional acupuncture. This method of relaxation can help relieve back/neck pain and aid in meditation and stress release.   See all Shantimat variations here. 

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    A plant to dream One Thousand and One Nights Valerian is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. It has been used as a sleeping aid for hundreds of years especially when there is irritation or difficulty falling asleep due to stress   Contents: 200 capsules

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    Balance your life with Orgonite, Repel negative energy, Absorb, Store and Release Spiritual Energy. Orgonite is life energy, it enables living organisms to exist in a Healthy state. Having an Orgonite product is like having an Energy Transformer in your energy field.  These beautiful dodecahedron shaped orgonites are the perfect size for your home and/or...

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