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    An unique plant that is a natural mosquito repellent  It is a rare aquatic plant native harvested from the deep North Sea. The plant only needs  carbon dioxide to survive.No need to water or fertilize it.   Keep the pests away with the Neptunus Plant ! 

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    Each year during summer the mosquitoes get to work!  Here we have a new miracle product that will help protect you from those pesky insects and all the annoying itchy bites.  The natural and effective essential oil will bring you peace of mind in your home for the whole family to enjoy.  The natural repellent emits a tangy scent that helps repel...

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    Get through your summer in peace with this anti-mosquito bracelet.     With a base of natural essential oils not only will it keep the pests away but it is better for the environment!  

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    The world’s friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders! Easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths, crane flies and much more without harming them.  A great tool for gardening, camping and even children can enjoy keeping insects alive and setting them free into the wild.   Have a friend who is not a big fan of spiders? Treat them today!

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