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    Wine decanter tower designUnique and elegant design to enhance both flavour and aromaTaste the wine and just the wineEasy filling and smooth pouring

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    It is known that wine tastes better when given time to breathe, it releases its natural aroma and rids the sediment build up found at the bottom of the bottles.  This dual opening Carafe will allow you to aerate and serve your wine immediately.  Its attractive and stylish design will impress your guests and brighten up your dining table.

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    Preserve champagne flavors and effervescence easily and for several days.Don't stop the party!!!

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    Simply place a whole Wild Hibiscus Flower in the bottom of a champagne flute, pour in some syrup and fill up with bubbly! All the bubbles stream up and the flower blossoms. The flower is edible and has a delicious raspberry and rhubarb taste.

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    Cheese is a simple gourmet addition to a meal that you can share with your family and friends! This bamboo cheeseboard with a stainless steel knife will allow you to elegantly present cheese at your table.

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    Elegant Mythos Glass - the variant Cup Glass with Flower of Life base symbol.  Increses Energy ,Vitality and Well BeingThe Flower of Life symbol is found in the majority of the worlds religions.  This glass is sturdy and will bring out the best in the smoothness and taste of your water.  Flower of Life available in 3 colors!

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