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    This meditation stool has been designed to help you sit comfortably during meditation. Our meditation stool will give your back the support it needs to remain relaxed and avoid harmful postures.  It helps avoid putting unecessary pressure on your feet and improved blood circulation in the legs whilst kneeling down.   

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    Aura chimes are primarily used in sound therapy to clear negative energy. A person's aura can be adversely affected if there is an imbalance in the energy flow, thus causing a build up of dense and negative energy. Striking the metal bar with the provided wooden beater produces a loud and resonant sound which can be very useful in sound healing sessions...

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    Dodecahedron shapes is linked to the Higher Self/Divine/All The perfect tool to use in meditation and connect to your true self. The energy will raise the holder/users vibration up to meet its own. This allows for a state of connection to Higher Self. Due to its similarity to the sphere (much like its dual, the Icosahedron) the energy is gentle, emanating...

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    The ShantiDrum, also known as the TongueDrum, is a percussion instrument which has 8 notes and is played with two small mallets with latex tips.

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    Our Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid has been designed and crafted for quality meditation and healing benefits.  Made out of quartz crystal this pyramid sings with rich vibrant resonance.  4 sizes available (10cm, 15cm, 23cm, 30cm) Relax, meditate and heal better today.

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    Also known as the Zafu cushion this is a cushion designed to offer comfortable support for your back, absorb heat and filled with high quality EPS granules! There are 11 different colors available, so relax, read, and meditate better today. Dimensions: L30 x H20, Weight: 270g.

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