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    Coconut flour has the highest fibre content of any flour. Low in carbohydrates. Low Glycemic Index. High mineral content. 100 % organic certified.

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    Exceptional fruit quality.Used for millennia in traditional Tibetan and Chinese pharmacopoeia, Goji is a powerful antioxidant packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Goji berries benefits are ScientificallyHelp to protect the body and regain vitality. Certified organic.

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    The Japanese weight loss secret!!! Extracted from small red seaweed, Agar-agar is a natural gelling plant with extraordinary properties. Agar-agar, indispensable ingredient for slim fast and lean cuisine.

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    An amazing product, the coconut oil can be used in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. Really healthy to cook but also to raw dishes. It is perfect also for the body and the hair.

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    The coconut flower sugar has a low glycaemic index (35), so it can be enjoyed in any moment of the day due to its mild flavour and it soft taste of caramel. It is the perfect substitute for sugar 

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    The Gula Java Cocoa contains cocoa butter, sugar from bio coconut flower rich in minerals with cinnamon and vanilla, many carbon hydrates and enough proteins for the day which are better absorbed. Its hypoglycaemic index is only of 35, then the energy is transformed more progressively and with a high antioxidant level.

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    The food specialists of Aman Prana have combined the Gula Java with the Matcha Kotobuki. The Matcha is a green tea used in Japan for ceremonies, and the Kotobuki is particularly appreciated for its good taste and for its high nutritional values. Of strong taste, it contains high levels of tannins, really healthy which give the diary doses of...

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    Xylitol is a natural sweetener extracted from birch bark and hardwoods, which is hydrolyzed into xylose and hydrogenated into xylitol.  This is a 100% natural product free of additives and gluten.  Tested to contain little to no side effects with fewer calories compared to table sugar.

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    Garlic is known for its virtues and properties for natural healthy food.  For all of you garlic lovers out there this new Black Garlic adds a whole new level to its taste and texture.  Our fermented black garlic is produced from organic agriculture left to ferment in a humidity controlled room.  Giving the garlic a sweet flavor without adding sugar with...

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    Large and delicately perfumed. Its candied notes are almost balsamic with notes of prunes and apricot.  Try black fermented shallots today.

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