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    When tissues in the carpal tunnel, such as the ligaments and the tendons, swell and become inflamed, they put pressure on the median nerve causing numbness and hand pain. Auris® has developed this magnetic bandage. It contains 4 powerful neodymium therapy magnets to help you to regain the full use of your hand. Easy-to-put-on with Velcro fastening system.

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    Natural, painless, gentle, effective and no side effects!Each patch has a 2500 gauss magnet that acts directly on the sore area.Pack of 20 patches neodymium magnets with hypoallergenic nickel coating

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    Balance Board is an effective tool for balance training and rehabilitation exercise. Stand on the rounded platform and start balancing. This is a great tool to strengthen your ankles and thigh muscles. The handgrips on the bottom are used for upper body balancing and workouts.

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    3 minutes of charging. 3 hours of heat. Warmer provided with heating accumulator, pilot lamp and soft bag. Keep Warm Anytime Anywhere! Just plug it in for 3 minutes to get about 3 hours of heat.  Also good to relieve pain (kidneys, shoulders, knees, etc). The thermostat stops the charging when reaching the ideal temperature.  It comes with a protective...

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    No more cellulite or orange peel effect. This high quality massager will beat the cellulite once and for all. Thanks to its warm massaging effect is also good to relieve muscle stress

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    Deucalion massage roller is made of pure volcanic sulphur.This is the fruit of intensive and research between a French engineer and a German doctor to optimize the sulphur healthy properties.They have designed a compact roller capable of curative massages.

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    Also called the eastern teaberry, the checkerberry, the boxberry, or the American wintergreen, it is analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, essential oil of wintergreen is part of the indispensable to have as an ally in our natural pharmacy.

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    Recommended by health and fitness experts this tool allows access to 7 impeccably placed therapy knobs that allow full body access.  The TriggerCane has already helped many people relive back pain with Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release now even you can reduce and relax tension in your back muscles and live stress free like never before....

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  • £ 22.32 In stock

    Recommended by health and fitness experts this tool allows access to 11 impeccably placed therapy knobs that allow full body access. The Back Body tool has already helped thousands of people relive back pain with Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release now even you can reduce & relax tension in your back and live stress free like never before....

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  • £ 37.89 -11% £ 42.89 In stock

    ORA is a highly innovative oral device designed to help rebalance jaw muscles that will improve your body posture and general balance. It is true when they say ‘everything is connected’ once a part of your body is out of alignment there are ripple effects to your whole body.  A misaligned jaw can throw your whole body off balance.

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    U-Waist PRO is a device that uses TENS therapy to combat muscle aches and back pain. It has an easy to use modern ergonomic design that can be places on any affected area comfortably. The U-Waist pro has 6 massage modes and 20 different intensity levels that can be combined to suit your own comfort. Recommended to use twice a day for 20 minutes. Sold...

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    Sulphur is a traditional natural resource that could be used as pain reliever. Normal Sulphur cylinders are brittle and have a limited lifespan. Thanks to our unique fabrication process, these Sulphur cylinders are much denser and last longer. Sulphur effectiveness has been proven and recognized by medical and pharmaceutical institutions

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    Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial Organic PillowFor perfect hygene and comfort, this thermo-sensitive memory foam pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains the ideal position for your neck and spine for a good nights sleep and fewer back problems.

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    No More Neck Pains with this Thermo-Sensitive Memory Foam Pillow!This pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains your neck and spine in their ideal position therfore relieving tension and pain.

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    Kneeling chairs allow you to vary your seated posture throughout the day, reducing pressure on the lower back while working your core, which is normally dormant whilst sitting in a standard office chair.. These unique chairs reassure correct posture and help with blood circulation, tiredness, and musculoskeletal discomfort and pain.

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