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    Stylish magnetic copper bracelet with a sober and classic design. It comes with 6 neodymium magnets. This bracelet combines the copper antirheumatic properties with the magnetotherapy virtues to balance the energies and relieve joint pain.

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    Natural, painless, gentle, effective and no side effects!Each patch has a 2500 gauss magnet that acts directly on the sore area.Pack of 20 patches neodymium magnets with hypoallergenic nickel coating

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    Every year millions of people express their satisfaction with copper bracelets!!  Copper has been used for centuries for pain relief and well being Keep your blood flow going with this bracelet.

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    Glucosamine and chondroitin are essential for the joints of the human body to function correctly!Our joints may deteriorate for many reasons: aging, sickness, intensive physical activity, accidents, or inappropriate movements and harmful body positions. Contains:  200 capsules.

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    A precious companion that will enhance your everyday life. If copper is known to benefit the health of the human body, combine that with magnet therapy and you have it, the 2 in 1 bracelet that will boost your wellbeing !

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  • £ 76.66 -11% £ 86.66 In stock

    The Shantimat is an acupressure mat which you can lie upon and gain the same advantages as you would using traditional acupuncture. This method of relaxation can help relieve back/neck pain and aid in meditation and stress release.   See all Shantimat variations here. 

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    3 minutes of charging. 3 hours of heat. Warmer provided with heating accumulator, pilot lamp and soft bag. Keep Warm Anytime Anywhere! Just plug it in for 3 minutes to get about 3 hours of heat.  Also good to relieve pain (kidneys, shoulders, knees, etc). The thermostat stops the charging when reaching the ideal temperature.  It comes with a protective...

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    Deucalion massage roller is made of pure volcanic sulphur.This is the fruit of intensive and research between a French engineer and a German doctor to optimize the sulphur healthy properties.They have designed a compact roller capable of curative massages.

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    Also called the eastern teaberry, the checkerberry, the boxberry, or the American wintergreen, it is analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, essential oil of wintergreen is part of the indispensable to have as an ally in our natural pharmacy.

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    ORA is a highly innovative oral device designed to help rebalance jaw muscles that will improve your body posture and general balance. It is true when they say ‘everything is connected’ once a part of your body is out of alignment there are ripple effects to your whole body.  A misaligned jaw can throw your whole body off balance.

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