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Natural sleep support

  • £ 95.42 In stock

    Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial Organic PillowFor perfect hygene and comfort, this thermo-sensitive memory foam pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains the ideal position for your neck and spine for a good nights sleep and fewer back problems.

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  • £ 69.16 In stock

    Aids the reduction and elimination of snoring while providing you with a practical and comfortable pillowDue to our unique design snoring is instantly minimised through the pillow supporting and positioningEven though our Snore Stop Pillow has a very specific purpose we have not compromised on comfort This pillow offers you a great solution to a serious...

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  • £ 34.93 In stock

    Acupressure for a better sleep.By activating 2 specific points in the little finger you will enhance your respiratory system and you will regulate the biological sleep rhythms naturally.For peaceful nights!

    £ 34.93
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  • £ 61.19 In stock

    No More Neck Pains with this Thermo-Sensitive Memory Foam Pillow!This pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains your neck and spine in their ideal position therfore relieving tension and pain.

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  • £ 42.89 In stock

    Pure viscoelastic Easy to carry on; it comes with a handy carrying bag Rest anywhere; your travel pillow will be a must be in any travel Size: 50x30

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  • £ 48.15 In stock

    No More Heavy Legs or Swollen Anckles!This leg cushion provides the ideal position for relaxation and helps improve bloodflow and reduce swelling.

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  • £ 191.71 In stock

    Its like sleeping on a Cloud! This heat-sensitive memory foam mattress topper is made from organic materials and is hypoallergenic providing perfect hygene and comfort.

    £ 191.71
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  • £ 14.79 Product available with different options

    40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask is molded foam that is contoured for pressure-free eye comfort, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. It won't smudge makeup and the adjustable straps allow this mask to fit all sizes.Available in 5 different colours

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  • £ 34.05 In stock

    Sleep issues are often the result of an overactive mind at bed time. Wheter it's for a full night's sleep of just for a nap, Glo to Sleep will help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested. On the plane or the train, at home or in a hotel room - we wish you a great sleep!

    £ 34.05
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  • £ 191.71 In stock

    Re-Timer wearable Light Therapy / Light Glasses for SAD Innovative new device for treatment of S.A.D, jetlag and sleep disturbancesErgonomic and light weight design (just 75 grams or 2.64 ounces)Fits over your reading glasses, soft glow for reading or computer workConvenient rechargeable battery in the frame, USB connection for battery charging

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  • £ 165.45 In stock

    Everyone feels better on a sunny day.  It’s amazing what a little light can do.  Sunlight improves our attitude, makes us feel more optimistic, and gives us energy.  But most of us spend nearly all our time indoors, so few get the sunshine we need.  Meet Litebook: A revolutionary potable light therapy device without harmful UV rays.   Advisable also to...

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  • £ 44.57 -15% £ 52.44 Out of stock

    Soothing natural sounds that allows you to get a restful sleep through the whole night by blocking out unwanted background noises; great for adult’s children and babies who have sleeping problems.

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  • £ 21.80 In stock

    3 minutes of charging. 3 hours of heat. Warmer provided with heating accumulator, pilot lamp and soft bag. Keep Warm Anytime Anywhere! Just plug it in for 3 minutes to get about 3 hours of heat.  Also good to relieve pain (kidneys, shoulders, knees, etc). The thermostat stops the charging when reaching the ideal temperature.  It comes with a protective...

    £ 21.80
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  • £ 196.09 In stock

    During the product design, our priority is comfort. Only the superb quality of the purest cotton allow us to design the most comfortable pouf. Maxi-pouf Therapy adopts your body shape; providing the perfect back support and relieving pressure from your spine. By sitting in the Maxi-Therapy pouf you will enter in a world of comfort like never before.

    £ 196.09
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  • £ 126.06 In stock

    It is impossible to sit and not being comfortableThis Terapy puff is ideal for adults and children. It adapts to the body shape naturally, becoming the perfect sit for everybodyThanks to the superb quality elastic and organic cotton, the Mini-Therapy pouf will welcome to a world of comfort like never before.

    £ 126.06
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