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    U-Waist PRO is a device that uses TENS therapy to combat muscle aches and back pain. It has an easy to use modern ergonomic design that can be places on any affected area comfortably. The U-Waist pro has 6 massage modes and 20 different intensity levels that can be combined to suit your own comfort. Recommended to use twice a day for 20 minutes. Sold...

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    This ball is recommended for massages, stimulation of the foot arch and proprioception exercises.  It helps relieve tension and stimulates blood circulation.  Rolled under the soles of the feet, it also promotes sensitivity and stimulates the plantar sensors that control your balance. Diameter 7 cm.

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    Our Foot Massage Roller is the ideal tool for self-massage, aimed at eliminating muscle and joint pain this roller simply slides under your feet stimulating your muscles.  Covered with pimples this foot roller messages using acupressure.  Despite being designed for foot massages you can also use it on your arms and back. Try one today!

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    Practice ground massages easier than ever before. This leatherette folding tatami, foldable in 4 parts is ideal for practicing shiatsu or any other ground massage. Easy to carry and unfold.

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