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  • £ 21.80 In stock

    Recommended by health and fitness experts this tool allows access to 7 impeccably placed therapy knobs that allow full body access.  The TriggerCane has already helped many people relive back pain with Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release now even you can reduce and relax tension in your back muscles and live stress free like never before....

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  • £ 52.44 In stock

    An unique back support to ensure a perfect posture and a pain-free back. The BackJoy Back Posture Support is a portable orthotic device which relieves back pain Specially designed after years on research, BackJoy: Improves your back posture. Relieves back pression. Leger and easy to carry. Easy to clean.

    £ 52.44
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  • £ 30.55 In stock

    Stylish magnetic copper bracelet with a sober and classic design. It comes with 6 neodymium magnets. This bracelet combines the copper antirheumatic properties with the magnetotherapy virtues to balance the energies and relieve joint pain.

    £ 30.55
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  • £ 8.67 In stock

    Sulphur is a traditional natural resource that could be used as pain reliever. Normal Sulphur cylinders are brittle and have a limited lifespan. Thanks to our unique fabrication process, these Sulphur cylinders are much denser and last longer. Sulphur effectiveness has been proven and recognized by medical and pharmaceutical institutions

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  • £ 79.93 -33% £ 119.93 in 2 - 3 weeks

    £ 79.93 -33% £ 119.93
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    in 2 - 3 weeks
  • £ 39.31 In stock

    When tissues in the carpal tunnel, such as the ligaments and the tendons, swell and become inflamed, they put pressure on the median nerve causing numbness and hand pain. Auris® has developed this magnetic bandage. It contains 4 powerful neodymium therapy magnets to help you to regain the full use of your hand. Easy-to-put-on with Velcro fastening system.

    £ 39.31
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  • £ 6.67 -23% £ 8.67 In stock

    Natural, painless, gentle, effective and no side effects!Each patch has a 2500 gauss magnet that acts directly on the sore area.Pack of 20 patches neodymium magnets with hypoallergenic nickel coating

    £ 6.67 -23% £ 8.67
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  • £ 11.79 -20% £ 14.79 Out of stock

    This unique product combines both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate reflex and acupressure points for improved health and vitality.

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  • £ 21.01 In stock

    Every year millions of people express their satisfaction with copper bracelets!!  Copper has been used for centuries for pain relief and well being Keep your blood flow going with this bracelet.

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  • £ 38.43 In stock

    The Ideal travel cushion accompany you whilst travelling.   Keep your seat comfortable during those long journeys!   Suitible for all means of transport.

    £ 38.43
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  • £ 24.07 Not in stock

    A precious companion that will enhance your everyday life. If copper is known to benefit the health of the human body, combine that with magnet therapy and you have it, the 2 in 1 bracelet that will boost your wellbeing !

    £ 24.07
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  • £ 10.90 -50% £ 21.80 In stock

    Light acupressure massaging clogs Strategically placed nodules Helps improve your overall health 11 available sizes: 35 to 40 (White / Pink) and 40 to 44 (blue). For a better comfort, one size bigger than usual is advised. Slip on wellbeing.

    £ 10.90 -50% £ 21.80
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  • £ 4.55 -20% £ 5.69 Product available with different options

    Fancy Half Toe Socks, fully grip socks in pink&grey colourNon-slip grip on sole offers superior stability during all your posesThis amazing design allows toes to move and spread naturallyHygienic alternative to bare feetPerfect for Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance etc

    £ 4.55 -20% £ 5.69
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    Product available with different options
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  • £ 24.93 -28% £ 34.93 In stock

    No more cellulite or orange peel effect. This high quality massager will beat the cellulite once and for all. Thanks to its warm massaging effect is also good to relieve muscle stress

    £ 24.93 -28% £ 34.93
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  • £ 21.89 In stock

    Deucalion massage roller is made of pure volcanic sulphur.This is the fruit of intensive and research between a French engineer and a German doctor to optimize the sulphur healthy properties.They have designed a compact roller capable of curative massages.

    £ 21.89
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  • £ 22.32 In stock

    Recommended by health and fitness experts this tool allows access to 11 impeccably placed therapy knobs that allow full body access. The Back Body tool has already helped thousands of people relive back pain with Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release now even you can reduce & relax tension in your back and live stress free like never before....

    £ 22.32
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  • £ 37.89 -11% £ 42.89 In stock

    ORA is a highly innovative oral device designed to help rebalance jaw muscles that will improve your body posture and general balance. It is true when they say ‘everything is connected’ once a part of your body is out of alignment there are ripple effects to your whole body.  A misaligned jaw can throw your whole body off balance.

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  • £ 34.93 In stock

    There are several hyperirritable spots within the fascia and surrounding skeletal muscles.  The Thera Cane uses trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques to help release knots and massage back muscles with various amounts of pressure.  

    £ 34.93
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  • £ 13.04 Out of stock

    The Thai Reflexology Foot Massage Sticks allow the user to perform a massage technique that helps rebalance the metabolism and the nervous system in order to stay in shape and improve the body’s daily functions.   Massaging your feet with these sticks help remove blockages and increase blood circulation. This set contains 3 sticks, each with a...

    £ 13.04
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  • £ 17.42 Out of stock

    Our Foot Massage Roller is the ideal tool for self-massage, aimed at eliminating muscle and joint pain this roller simply slides under your feet stimulating your muscles.  Covered with pimples this foot roller messages using acupressure.  Despite being designed for foot massages you can also use it on your arms and back. Try one today!

    £ 17.42
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