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    The nutritious food Champion, number 1 in antioxidants and vitamin C gifted!Kale is the health food par excellence.So hard to find in stores and so easy to growFor further information you may watch the explanatory video that shows how to grow the Kale (English version).

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    These biodegradable planting pots are perfect for aromatic herbs, flowers and vegetables. Made from biodegradable coconut fibers roots can easily spread throughout the walls of the pots. No need to remove plants for transplantation they can go straight into planters. 3 sizes available.

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    Easy-to-use seed starting mix in compressed pellet form, Drop them in your seed starter tray or cells, add water and these pellets expand to create a moist seed-starting mix that's ready for planting.  Help seedlings get off to a strong start and get planting right away! Each pellet is 35mm in diameter and 9mm H.

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    50 g of mixed wildflower seeds mixed with 150 g of buckwheat hulls will cover 30m² of garden surface with flowers for over 3 months.

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    The Aerofourche is a garden fork that is used for loosening, turning and lifting soil on your land. It is ideal for raking out weeds, stones and breaking down clods.  The Aerofourche has two handles which aid in the usability and effectiveness of the fork.   See also the Grelinette which is manufactured in France

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    The grelinette is a garden fork that is used for loosening, turning and lifting soil on your land.  It is ideal for raking out weeds, stones and breaking down clods. The grelinette is manufactured in France and has two handles which aid in the usability of the fork.   See also the less expensive Aerofourche model.

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  • £ 34.93 In stock

    This Garden Multi-Tool is the ultimate multi-tasking ground tool with a total of 8 functions in a single tool.

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  • £ 108.55 In stock

    Safe and reliable tool for splitting logs of all sizes effortlessly!Using an ax to chop wood may cause back problems.The Smart-Splitter is designed  to cut logs efficiently with ease.

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    Before splitting, the logs must be chopped into manageable sizes. If you've ever done this, you will know how much easier and safer it is to raise the logs up off the ground to waist height. That is exactly what the Smart Holder does !   Money and time saver. -Easy to assemble -Easy to use -Easy to store -Ergonomic -Safe to use -Holds logs & timber...

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    Verti-plant, a hanging garden where you want it!  It will now be easy to have a small vegetable garden or a plant wall even if you only have a small balcony.  Verti-plant is the ideal solution to keep a maximum of space while bringing a floral or fruity touch to your home.  5 colors available.

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  • £ 8.67 In stock

    Make gardening a piece of cake with these waterproof gardening gloves. The right glove is equipped with claws made of high-strength ABS plastic.  Rake, dig, and plant!   Do not worry about your nails and hands when gardening.  These gloves are resistant to bites and scratches.  Now you can precisely work on your soil and in small hard to access areas...

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  • £ 39.44 -24% £ 52.44 In Stock

    Suitable for users, who will empty the Bokashi Organico composter into the brown container for organic wastes. It is mostly useful in urban centres with organic waste collection schemes and households without their own composters. You can obtain as much as 3 new products with Bokashi Organico: - 100% natural fertilizer. - Basis for first-class compost....

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    This garden kit manufactured by Romberg is a fun activity that helps your children learn about gardening and growing plants. It consists of: 1 x 29x19x19cm mini greenhouse with aeration System 15 x square 5cm biodegradable planting pots 1 liter of seedling substrate 3 bags of seeds (tomato, peanut, marigold) Coloring book

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  • £ 17.50 In Stock

    The mini Greenhouse for Aromatic Plants by Romberg is the perfect way to sow your seeds. Not only will you get a mini greenhouse, there are also 15 biodegradable planting pots and 3 packets of aromatic seeds also included. Great for long term gardeners and novices alike! 1 Plastic mini greenhouse 29 x 19 x 19 cm 15 biodegradable planting pots 1...

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  • £ 48.10 In Stock

    This large germinating greenhouse for growing (or propagating) manufactured by Romberg equipped with adjustable air vents is the perfect way to grow plants indoors for all seasons. With its large capacity 59x39x27 you can add soil or multiple pots.

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  • £ 34.97 In Stock

    The Lumio S mini Propagator (greenhouse) is equipped with air vents and an integrated 12 watt lamp (6,400 Kelvin) that emits an ideal lighting spectrum for the development of delicate seedlings. Dimensions: 29x19x19

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    Try our pesticide free option to protect your plants and crops from pesky insects.  This net created by Romberg is your ecofriendly way of protecting your garden patch! Simply cover your crop with the net and weigh it down with rocks and you are good to go! No more insects, healthier plants. Dimensions: 200cm x 400cm

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    The mulching film by Romberg protects and creates a microclimate environment favorable to plant development. Dimensions: 5 x 1.5 meters. 50 g / m2

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  • £ 8.75 In Stock

    These mini greenhouses created by Romberg are equipped with air vents and drainage holes for optimal oxygen intake and water distribution. Each model is sold with germination pellets to kick off your plants this spring ready for the summer. M Plus: 36 x 22 x 13 cm + 28 coco germination pellets L Plus: 54 x 15 x 12 cm + 20 coco germination pellets. 

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