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    In cases of high pollution, disease outbreaks or allergies, effectively protect yourself with this breathing mask + Flower of Life symbol equipped with nano fiber technology, bamboo and carbon fiber. Hand washable and will last up to 3 months of regular use. 2 sizes available with the golden flower of life symbol.

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    The linen respiratory protection mask is ideal for protecting yourself against fine particles, pollen, dust or various viruses.  It works with a revolutionary filter made out of nano-carbon fiber and coconut. This linen breathing mask is hand washable and has interchangeable filters (recommended every 3 months)

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    Set of 3 carbon fiber/coconut filters for the Linen Breathing Mask. Designed to last up to 3 months of regular use and will protect you from fine particles, pollen, dust or various viruses.

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  • £ 90.29 In stock

    Create a cleaner zone of healthier air while traveling or in poor air quality locationsAdvanced ionic technology forces airborne pollutants away from your personal space, helping to protect you against harmful airborne pollutants ( viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, etc.), creating a zone of cleaner, healthier air to breathe, everywhere you go!Perfect...

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    A Revolutionary Inhaler to Clear Respiratory TractsThis inhaler produces hot and dry air which you can enrich with various essences for a simple and natural treatment of respiratory problems.

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    Enrich Your ClimaMaske Inhaler with Essential OilsThese 15ml bottles of essential oils are specially equipped with the ClimaMaske tops which are adaptable to the ClimaMaske 300 and 500 models.

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    Face mask for ClimaMaske inhaler.ClimaMaske brings healing warmth - dry or humid, as desired - directly into the respiratory tract. You may add essential oils to enhance the terapeutic properties.

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    A few minutes of regular daily use can induce the respiratory system's natural selft cleansing mechanism, assist rehabilitation and medical treatment, help you breath more easily, smoothes common cold and other infections, thin mucus and ease expectoration, help the general well being of the lungs and respiratory system.

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    Salt therapy is 100%natural, safe, easy and no side effects. Natural salt crystals for Salitair salt inhaler Enough for 3-4 refills of Salitair Ensures optimum functioning of Salitair It is advised to refill Salitair every 4-6 weeks

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    Exercising with this device trains breath control and restores the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Overbreathing (stress breathing) disturbs the metabolism and the oxygen supply of the cells. This device is widely used in Russia and shows universal effects with: Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Essential Hypertension, Angina Pectoris.

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    This electronic dust mite controller produces inaudible sound waves that affect the mites reproductive organs thereby it eliminates them gradually.In just 3 weeks, mite population will be extinguished or significantly reduced.Just plug in the socket and that's it!

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    This essential oil will boost your wellbeing.They are specially indicated to treat respiratory problemsWe have combined extracts of Eucalyptus Globulus, Scots pine, Niaouli, Thyme borneol, Lavender and Rosemary cineole.We proudly offer organic products only.

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    Perfect way to enrich your surrounds with a cool, beautifully scented and relaxing mist to awaken the senses and calm mind, body and soul With this ultrasonic aromatic diffuser, live pure and natural experience of hydro-diffusion and micro-nebulization of essential oils to scent your home Lights&scent release easily adjustable Diffuser delivers...

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    Aromatherapy pendant are designed to slowly diffuse essential oils, bathing you in subtle healing aromas wherever you go!    It comes with a practical small pipette that will allow you to easily refill the pendant with the essential oils you prefer.

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    Organic Spray that purifies, cleans and protects the nasal passage and sinus Alcohol-free formulation to protect the sensitive sinus cavity enriched in Himalayan pink salt to facilitate easy nasal flow and organic eucalyptus essential oil to gently decongest 100% natural

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    Want to stop smoking? Try our Anti Smoking Treatment which associates the benefits of Kudzu and ZeroSmoke ear magnets auriculotherapy accupressure.Kudzu – To Stop SmokingThe Anti Tobacco, Anti Alcohol and Anti Drug Plant. Studies by American ...

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