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  • £ 21.45 -50% £ 42.89 Product available with different options

    This touch desk lamp with LED light will perfectly fit at the side of your computer. Just a simple touch in the upper part to switch it on or off. Keep your finger on it for a moment and you will regulate the intensity of light. Let yourself be surprise for the touch effect!

    £ 21.45 -50% £ 42.89
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    Product available with different options
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  • £ 23.64 In stock

    Pack of 3 vitamin C filter cartridges100% chlorine elimination. Each filter contains about 20 grams of vitamin C, the equivalent of  250 oranges.

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  • £ 60.40 In stock

    There is nothing faster, more economical or more eco-friendly than a clothes horse outside in the breeze for drying your washing ! Now the same effect is available for everyone, even in a flat. Simply position your blow dryer under your clothes horse, turn it on and off you go ! In a few hours your clothes will be dry !

    £ 60.40
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  • £ 13.94 -20% £ 17.42 In stock

    The magnetic mouse pad helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain associated with frequent use of mouse.   A better position for your wrist; keeping it straight while enjoying the benefits of the therapeutic magnets.

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  • £ 121.68 In stock

    Multi-positional & Height AdjustableElegant & functional design to help improve postureEye-level Reading With Maximum ComfortPage holders keep page in place to read at any angleUseful in bed, sofa, armchair, reading cookery books in the kitchen,...

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  • £ 17.42 In stock

    While using a computer, the smallest of movements can cause musculoskeletal problems. The magnetic wrist support pad is the perfect solution   Made from soft gel for the ultimate wrist rest support. The continuous magnetic field provided by the neodymium magnets protects us against electromagnetic waves caused by WIFI   With smooth black Lycra cover...

    £ 17.42
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  • £ 26.22 In stock

    This electronic dust mite controller produces inaudible sound waves that affect the mites reproductive organs thereby it eliminates them gradually.In just 3 weeks, mite population will be extinguished or significantly reduced.Just plug in the socket and that's it!

    £ 26.22
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  • £ 7.79 In stock

    An unique plant that is a natural mosquito repellent  It is a rare aquatic plant native harvested from the deep North Sea. The plant only needs  carbon dioxide to survive.No need to water or fertilize it.   Keep the pests away with the Neptunus Plant ! 

    £ 7.79
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  • £ 95.42 In stock

    Individual cardboard modules. Design your own cardboard furniture Ecological, light but sturdy. This furniture cardboard combines both design and capacity. All cardboard furniture is entirely designed and made in France. Available in 3 sizes and 7 different colours, so there are at least 21 possible volume&colour combinations

    £ 95.42
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  • £ 26.64 -13% £ 30.64 In stock

    Protect yourself against harmful electromagnetic radiation that emit from computers and laptops. Presented in the form of a small sticker, it will neutralize electromagnetic radiation, keeping your surroundings free from harmful electromagnetic waves.

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  • £ 34.14 In stock

    Permanent protection against electromagnetic pollution.Our Bioprotector neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Based on scientific principles that stimulate and emit natural frequencies to protect the body/surrounding area from harmful radiationComes in the form of a Medallion ultralight in boxwood, discreet, to carry.

    £ 34.14
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  • £ 14.79 In stock

    40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask is molded foam that is contoured for pressure-free eye comfort, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. It won't smudge makeup and the adjustable straps allow this mask to fit all sizes.Available in 5 different colours

    £ 14.79
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  • £ 34.05 In stock

    Sleep issues are often the result of an overactive mind at bed time. Wheter it's for a full night's sleep of just for a nap, Glo to Sleep will help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested. On the plane or the train, at home or in a hotel room - we wish you a great sleep!

    £ 34.05
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  • £ 28.80 In stock

    Last technology at home A real money saver. Use up to 75% less water when you shower thanks to this fantastic flow regulator shower. Easy to install 

    £ 28.80
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  • £ 38.43 In stock

    The Ideal travel cushion accompany you whilst travelling.   Keep your seat comfortable during those long journeys!   Suitible for all means of transport.

    £ 38.43
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  • £ 305.51 Not in stock

    World-known dosimeter TERRA-P is a simple and handy device for continuous monitoring of the radiation level. Due to its small dimensions you can use the dosimeter anywhere and in any conditions. TERRA-P will help you to check radiation safety of apartment, car, items of everyday use, building materials and food (especially berries and mushrooms).

    £ 305.51
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  • £ 8.71 -50% £ 17.42 In stock

    The Magic Decanter will transfer the contents of a wine bottle into another vessel. In doing so the decanter will aerate your wine allowing you to appreciate the difference in taste, smell, maturity and experience once the wine has been transferred.

    £ 8.71 -50% £ 17.42
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  • £ 63.91 -14% £ 74.41 In stock

    Ash vacuum makes the job of cleaning ashes faster, safer, and neater. No need for vacuum bags. Incredibly fast and powerful Thanks to the special design, ashes will not clog filters Forget about dirty hands or dirty ashes flying around the room. The ash vacuum is designed to remove ashes from everything from wood stoves to barbecues. Filters are...

    £ 63.91 -14% £ 74.41
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  • £ 8.29 -26% £ 11.29 In stock

    New great and innovative way to keep your beverage cool without watering it down The solid stays cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience Simply place them in the freezer about 2-4 hours, Ready to use in hours Unlike regular ice cubes, Granite stones do not melt and dilute your drink;  Well Preserve the Taste your favorite drink...

    £ 8.29 -26% £ 11.29
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  • £ 191.71 In stock

    Re-Timer wearable Light Therapy / Light Glasses for SAD Innovative new device for treatment of S.A.D, jetlag and sleep disturbancesErgonomic and light weight design (just 75 grams or 2.64 ounces)Fits over your reading glasses, soft glow for reading or computer workConvenient rechargeable battery in the frame, USB connection for battery charging

    £ 191.71
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