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    Multi-positional & Height AdjustableElegant & functional design to help improve postureEye-level Reading With Maximum ComfortPage holders keep page in place to read at any angleUseful in bed, sofa, armchair, reading cookery books in the kitchen,...

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    Allow your mattress and pillows to stay fresher for longer whilst reducing general wear-and-tear.  They are simple to use, easy to remove and also fully machine washable.   Unlike vinyl or plastic covers which are waterproof the cotton covers are durable and mure more comfortable that breathes well so you wont have to worry about getting too hot. 3 sizes...

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  • £ 26.17 In stock

    Eco Winter Thermal Lining by Moondream is an innovative, eco-friendly solution to reducing heating costs during the winter months. This thermal Linning enables you to transform ordinary curtains into protective shields against the cold that will save you up to 46% on heating costs.  Adjustable to your curtain by a self-gripping strip. Dry Clean Made...

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  • £ 33.18 In stock

    The magnetic vortex cup restores the water natural qualities, both dynamic and magnetic.    Magnetic Vortex Water Cup creates soft water Water is energized by the vortex (twister) motion Vortex allows water to revitalize and to be cleansed by incorporating oxygen into the water. Magnetized water increases hydration levels more than any other water...

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  • £ 13.94 -20% £ 17.42 In stock

    The magnetic mouse pad helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain associated with frequent use of mouse.   A better position for your wrist; keeping it straight while enjoying the benefits of the therapeutic magnets.

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  • £ 191.71 In stock

    Its like sleeping on a Cloud! This heat-sensitive memory foam mattress topper is made from organic materials and is hypoallergenic providing perfect hygene and comfort.

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  • £ 8.93 Product available with different options

    Easy to measure - same quantities as normal sugar.Low Glycemic Index.High mineral content.A great, natural sugar substitute.Used as a sweetener for thousands of years. Unrefined Coconut sugar considered as "most sustainable sugar" by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 100% Organic

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    Hygienic and organic, it is the perfect pillow protection.100 %¨Organic cotton Made in France 2 sizes available

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  • £ 350.45 In stock

    The innovative seats can dramatically improve your posture and reduce your back pain while being extremely comfortable throughout the day. One of the primary benefits is the little effort required to maintain postural alignment.   Sit and work in comfort with the Kneeling Chair.

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  • £ 17.42 In stock

    While using a computer, the smallest of movements can cause musculoskeletal problems. The magnetic wrist support pad is the perfect solution   Made from soft gel for the ultimate wrist rest support. The continuous magnetic field provided by the neodymium magnets protects us against electromagnetic waves caused by WIFI   With smooth black Lycra cover...

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  • £ 126.06 In stock

    It is impossible to sit and not being comfortableThis Terapy puff is ideal for adults and children. It adapts to the body shape naturally, becoming the perfect sit for everybodyThanks to the superb quality elastic and organic cotton, the Mini-Therapy pouf will welcome to a world of comfort like never before.

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  • £ 196.09 In stock

    During the product design, our priority is comfort. Only the superb quality of the purest cotton allow us to design the most comfortable pouf. Maxi-pouf Therapy adopts your body shape; providing the perfect back support and relieving pressure from your spine. By sitting in the Maxi-Therapy pouf you will enter in a world of comfort like never before.

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  • £ 13.04 In stock

    Chain Wine Bottle Holder Uses the principle of balance to create a magic optical illusionPerfect gift for winelovers

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  • £ 0.00 In stock

    Glass chopping board with "Flower of Life"Clean and healthyFlower of Life energizes the food; bringing the universal energy to your dishes.Elegant, practical and resistant!Avaliable in 2 models (round or rectangular) You can also choose the colour: white or burgundy.

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  • £ 5.95 In stock

    Extensive applicationsEasy to useTime-saving cleaningEco-friendly natural productWith polishing action

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    Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial Organic PillowFor perfect hygene and comfort, this thermo-sensitive memory foam pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains the ideal position for your neck and spine for a good nights sleep and fewer back problems.

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  • £ 61.19 In stock

    No More Neck Pains with this Thermo-Sensitive Memory Foam Pillow!This pillow follows your body's natural shape and maintains your neck and spine in their ideal position therfore relieving tension and pain.

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  • £ 69.16 In stock

    Aids the reduction and elimination of snoring while providing you with a practical and comfortable pillowDue to our unique design snoring is instantly minimised through the pillow supporting and positioningEven though our Snore Stop Pillow has a very specific purpose we have not compromised on comfort This pillow offers you a great solution to a serious...

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