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  • £ 32.44 -38% £ 52.44 In stock

    An unique back support to ensure a perfect posture and a pain-free back. The BackJoy Back Posture Support is a portable orthotic device which relieves back pain Specially designed after years on research, BackJoy: Improves your back posture. Relieves back pression. Leger and easy to carry. Easy to clean.

    £ 32.44 -38% £ 52.44
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  • £ 17.42 In stock

    Set of 3 Buddy wall hooks by Umbra Add character to your room--these buddies seem to climb up the wall! Constructed of sturdy molded plastic with concealed mounting hardware Each hook holds up to five pounds Each hook measures 3 Inch by 6-1/2 Inch by 3 Inch Designed by Alan Wisniewski

    £ 17.42
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  • £ 15.32 In stock

    A sleekly modern molded foaming pump gives your wrists a break and saves you the trouble of sudsing and lathering. Recommended mix is 90% water and 10% soap Made out of molded plastic and acrylic Clear vertical window to determine the amount of soap in the container Designed by Jordan Murphy

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  • £ 8.67 Out of stock

    The popular BUDDY design is re-imagined to suit a different cup of tea. Buddy tea infuser is a molded silicone holder with a removable stainless steel mesh that perfectly infuses your loose tea leaves. Designed to hang onto your mug even when sipping, buddy once again makes the job look easy and casual. Food safe. BPA Free. Top shelf dishwaser safe. Holds...

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  • £ 11.29 In stock

    Mesh cutting glove can be used by the everyday chefs, fishermen, hunters and handymen. Glove is cut-resistant so it's the ideal mate when using a knife or any other cutting object. Fits either hand. Meets kitchen&food quality standards. Price per unit.

    £ 11.29
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  • £ 30.55 In stock

    Authentic BKR bottle with silicone sleeve, trendy, stylish and healthy. The silicone sleeve prevent for heating, so keeps the water fresh. Healthy water, drink in a healthy bottle BPA free Easy to carry and the perfect companion for sport activities, yoga and go around Capacity 0.5 litres 

    £ 30.55
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  • £ 4.29 In stock

    By using the anti-snoring nasal clip, you will stop snoring Soft silicone, it fits perfectly into the nostrils, keeping them widely open and making breathing easier. This effect will reduce snoring. Reusable. It comes with easy Compact Travel Case A natural and effective solution for snoring.

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  • £ 23.55 Out of stock

    Discover the White tea flowers with a delicate string (like conventional tea bags).  You can easily remove the Tea flower from the Teapot and reuse it.  Box of 8 Black Tea Flowers by Tealini It comes with an exquisite teacup.

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    £ 9.59
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  • £ 34.97 -50% £ 69.94 Out of stock

    Have a nap wherever and whenever you want in any position you like !  Made from flexible fabric and filled with micro balls our Meerkat pillow is extreemly soft and relaxing.  Feeling sleepy? Wait no longer and have 40 winks at home, work or while traveling.

    £ 34.97 -50% £ 69.94
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  • £ 26.17 In stock

    Unlimited sound environment possibilities! Turn any pillow into a Sleep Therapy Pillow with our ultra-thin stereo speakers-now with inline volume control. Simply place under your existing pillow and enjoy your favorite music or sounds for optimal relaxation and comfort. Use with CD players, iPods, iPhones, iPads, most MP3 players and TVs. 73" long...

    £ 26.17
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  • £ 21.80 Product available with different options

    Express your feelings with this fantastic bowls: sad, grumpy, happy, loving, smile… Genuine hard porcelain Capacity - 200ml Dishwasher and microwave safe Pack includes 2 medium size morning mood bowls 

    £ 21.80
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  • £ 156.70 In stock

    This amazing garden tool, also known as wheel hoe cultivator eases planting jobs. The wheel hoe garden cultivator will aerate and loosen the soil around established plants. When used for weeding it will quickly uproot larger weeds and help bury smaller weed seedlings.It is an ecological weeding tool, safe, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

    £ 156.70
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  • £ 77.91 In stock

    This weeding blade of 300 mm can be modified as you wish to eases weeding tasksIt fits all garden hoe models presented on our website.(photo shows 2 pieces to demonstrate that it can cut, but it comes in a single piece)

    £ 77.91
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  • £ 95.42 In stock

    The claw is adaptable to all garden hoe models offered in our website..An amazing soil unpacking tool.

    £ 95.42
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  • £ 50.34 In stock

    Single furrow plow to make the perfect planting rows.

    £ 50.34
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  • £ 3.41 In stock

    The nutritious food Champion, number 1 in antioxidants and vitamin C gifted!Kale is the health food par excellence.So hard to find in stores and so easy to growFor further information you may watch the explanatory video that shows how to grow the Kale (English version).

    £ 3.41
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  • £ 4.90 In stock

    Coconut fiber brush cleans your vegetables effectively but gently.after brushing your veggies you will can taste the clean skin and benefit from all the nutrientsPractical wooden handle for an easy grip, will become indispensable in your healthy kitchen

    £ 4.90
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  • £ 7.18 In stock

    Indulge yourself with a healthy treat!Rich in nutrients and very low sugar level, coconut syrup is the new best friend for sweet tooth.Delicious taste.The perfect accompaniment for your dishes and desserts.

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  • £ 18.82 In stock

    Express your feelings with this fantastic bowls: sad, grumpy, happy, loving, smile… Genuine hard porcelain Capacity - 100ml each. Dishwasher and microwave safe

    £ 18.82
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