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  • £ 108.55 In stock

    Safe and reliable tool for splitting logs of all sizes effortlessly!Using an ax to chop wood may cause back problems.The Smart-Splitter is designed  to cut logs efficiently with ease.

    £ 108.55
    In stock
  • £ 99.80 In stock

    Before splitting, the logs must be chopped into manageable sizes. If you've ever done this, you will know how much easier and safer it is to raise the logs up off the ground to waist height. That is exactly what the Smart Holder does !   Money and time saver. -Easy to assemble -Easy to use -Easy to store -Ergonomic -Safe to use -Holds logs & timber...

    £ 99.80
    In stock
  • £ 51.65 In stock

    The Aerofourche is a garden fork that is used for loosening, turning and lifting soil on your land. It is ideal for raking out weeds, stones and breaking down clods.  The Aerofourche has two handles which aid in the usability and effectiveness of the fork.   See also the Grelinette which is manufactured in France

    £ 51.65
    In stock
  • £ 102.42 In stock

    The grelinette is a garden fork that is used for loosening, turning and lifting soil on your land.  It is ideal for raking out weeds, stones and breaking down clods. The grelinette is manufactured in France and has two handles which aid in the usability of the fork.   See also the less expensive Aerofourche model.

    £ 102.42
    In stock
  • £ 12.43 In stock

    Verti-plant, a hanging garden where you want it!  It will now be easy to have a small vegetable garden or a plant wall even if you only have a small balcony.  Verti-plant is the ideal solution to keep a maximum of space while bringing a floral or fruity touch to your home.  5 colors available.

    £ 12.43
    In stock
  • £ 174.20 In stock

    Work in thé garden without stopping! Whether you live in the city or the countryside, this culture table will allow you to do your gardening with ease. You install it on the terrace, balcony or in a sunny spot of your garden ! Optional support legs (adjustable up to 10 cm.) -

    £ 174.20
    In stock
  • £ 3.41 In stock

    The nutritious food Champion, number 1 in antioxidants and vitamin C gifted!Kale is the health food par excellence.So hard to find in stores and so easy to growFor further information you may watch the explanatory video that shows how to grow the Kale (English version).

    £ 3.41
    In stock
  • £ 5.16 Available

    50 g of mixed wildflower seeds mixed with 150 g of buckwheat hulls will cover 30m² of garden surface with flowers for over 3 months.

    £ 5.16
  • £ 17.42 Out of stock

    Handy sowing holes ensure your seeds are perfectly positionedA helpful spacing guide tells you how far apart to sow each seedFSC certified

    £ 17.42
    Out of stock
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  • £ 5.95 In stock

    Extensive applicationsEasy to useTime-saving cleaningEco-friendly natural productWith polishing action

    £ 5.95
    In stock
  • £ 86.66 In stock

    Solar powered super lamp with LED, the one that really enlightens!It comes with a light reflector to amplify the light effect, motion sensor and light sensor.Automatically turns off during the day.By night the lamp stays in sleep mode until any motion is detected.No needs for cable or electrical installationThere is no power consumption!

    £ 86.66
    In stock
  • £ 17.42 Not in stock

    Solar poweredGood for indoor, great for outdoorA real money saverIdeal for your gardens, spin anything up to 4lb (2kg)

    £ 17.42
    Not in stock
  • £ 5.25 In stock

    The Safe and Easy Way to Split LogsChopping wood and splitting logs in the traditional way with an axe or splitting maul results in back strain and high impact stress on your elbows and shoulders. A hydraulic splitter is expensive and no ...

    £ 5.25
    In stock
  • £ 156.70 In stock

    This amazing garden tool, also known as wheel hoe cultivator eases planting jobs. The wheel hoe garden cultivator will aerate and loosen the soil around established plants. When used for weeding it will quickly uproot larger weeds and help bury smaller weed seedlings.It is an ecological weeding tool, safe, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

    £ 156.70
    In stock
  • £ 77.91 In stock

    This weeding blade of 300 mm can be modified as you wish to eases weeding tasksIt fits all garden hoe models presented on our website.(photo shows 2 pieces to demonstrate that it can cut, but it comes in a single piece)

    £ 77.91
    In stock
  • £ 95.42 In stock

    The claw is adaptable to all garden hoe models offered in our website..An amazing soil unpacking tool.

    £ 95.42
    In stock
  • £ 50.34 In stock

    Single furrow plow to make the perfect planting rows.

    £ 50.34
    In stock
  • £ 13.13 Out of stock

    Those baobabs are cultivated in Senegal, thanks to an association program which main objective is the job insertion of young people by the horticulture. The kit includes 1 young baobab plant “Le petit Prince” of 1,5 or 2 years sold with bare roots and with instructions in 10 languages.  

    £ 13.13
    Out of stock
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  • £ 34.93 In stock

    This Garden Multi-Tool is the ultimate multi-tasking ground tool with a total of 8 functions in a single tool.

    £ 34.93
    In stock
  • £ 8.67 In stock

    You don’t have place in your apartment, your house or your small garden is plein of classical flower planters? Then this mural bag is made for you. It will allow you to have an original decoration. Your home will have a different touch to the others home.

    £ 8.67
    In stock
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